Tek Fitness provides preventive maintenance contracts for customers looking to promote client safety and enhance their overall fitness center and gym investment. Why do fitness center owners and managers need to be more serious and concerned about equipment preventive maintenance?

  • Enhances overall fitness center investment, creating a more robust bottom line!
  • ENHANCES risk management by adding a layer of insurance buffer!
  • May end up voiding the manufacturer’s product warranty!
  • Minimizes tenant/member complaints putting smiles on everyone’s faces!
  • Creates differentiation by promoting a safe and inviting workout environment!

Although cleaning a machine inside and out is a major part of a preventive maintenance program, other aspects such as diagnostics and safety checks are performed as well.   Wax and lubricants are applied to treadmill decks, as well as belts on ellipticals, bikes, and steppers to prevent friction.  Friction leads to heat buildup.   Too much heat leads to breakdowns.

It has proven time and time again that regular preventive maintenance not only keeps the equipment running smooth and safe, but reduces the amount of emergency breakdowns, saving you on costly service repairs.  Also, eliminating dreaded “out-of-order” signs on your equipment will keep your users happy, and complaints down.   For clubs and recreation centers, happy members leads to greater retention.

Manufacturers recommend having preventive maintenance performed a few weeks after new equipment has been installed.  This way the equipment can be further calibrated and an initial service baseline can be established.

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