Core Trainer



[/one_third] [two_third_last] The Total Gym Core TrainerTM strengthens the abdominals while engaging the entire
core musculature. Offering unparalleled versatility for an abdominal machine, the
Core Trainer is a plank facilitator that allows for two primary movements, the Dynamic
Plank and the SCRUNCH®. Simple, intuitive, and accommodating all fitness levels, the
Core Trainer helps enhance basic core stability for beginners while providing advanced
strengthening and increased core muscle recruitment to challenge conditioned athletes.

  1. Fixed-incline design provides assistance for novice or de-conditioned exercisers.
  2. Provides dedicated area for planking off of the floor.
  3. Rolling glideboard offers option to increase instability for further strengthening.
  4. Ability to progress or regress exercises by changing body position.
  5. Includes link to exercise library with additional and advanced exercise options.
  6. Designed to be bolted to gym floor for designated plank area.
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80 lbs (36.3 kg)

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23.5˝ (.6 m)

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72˝ (1.8 m)

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30˝ (.8 m)

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Capacity: Maximum user weight capacity of 350 lbs [160 kg] Glideboard Range of Motion: 31 inches [787 mm] Construction: Steel with steel reinforced extruded aluminum rails
Floor Space (area): 12 square feet  [1.1 square meters] [/one_half] [one_half_last]

WARRANTY: Frame – 5 years; Moving Parts – 1 year; Foam Rubber & Upholstery – 90 days