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  • The Turbo Trainer™ by Star Trac is a commercially designed isokinetic air-resistance bike that delivers simultaneous upper and lower body exercise options
  • A classic exercise modality with a full commercial design and warranty ready to accommodate rehabilitation, fi tness and sports performance
  • Patent pending bottom bracket and pedal system provides unparalleled strength and durability in a robust drive train design
  • Fan driven fl ywheel provides a powerful isokinetic tool for all types of training situations from low RPM low load rehab to high performance high Watt output interval training
  • Air is displaced at a rate that matches the users effort level, the faster the fl ywheel is turned (higher RPM), the greater the isokinetic resistance
  • Compact and self-powered, it can easily be placed in any part of a facility where space is limited and electricity is absent
  • Console measures workout metrics include: elapsed time, distance, kilocalories, RPM’s and telemetric heart rate when combined with a compatible chest strap
  • Dual platform pedals with inline skate-style straps provide user with option for secure hold or strap-free platform workout
  • Seat height, fore and aft adjustments for ideal fi t
  • User weight capacity 350 lbs (159 kg)
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155 lbs (71 kg)

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29˝ (74 cm)

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51˝ (130 cm)

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58˝ (147 cm)

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FRAME: Custom steel frame
PEDALS/CRANK: 3 piece crank with sealed bearings, dual-sided pedal, extra long 14” pedal straps
ELECTRICAL: Self-contained power supply, no external power needed. (console requires 4 AA batteries)
COLORS: Frame: Star Trac Silver, Shrouds: Slate Gray, Accents: Black and Red
RESISTANCE: Isokinetic user drive system
HR MONITORING: Polar® Telemetry
CONSOLE: Automatic scan mode upon cycling initiation. Features: elapsed time, distance, kilocalories, RPM’s and telemetric heart rate when combined with a compatible chest strap.

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STANDARD FEATURES: Fan-shaped fl ywheel for isokinetic resistance and cooling effect, simultaneous upper and lower body exercise, upper body only foot rest platforms, easy ratchet seat adjust
WARRANTY: 2-year warranty on parts, 1-year warranty on labor. labor (USA and Canada only) (Light Commercial warranty for all non dues paying facilities 3 years parts/labor)